Seminar Assistant
Andrea, born and raised in Vienna, is a retired Veterinarian that specialized in veterinarian acupuncturist and is a proud mother of two wonderful sons. She loves nature, a simple life outdoors and sharing it with other people. “I am at home where I feel comfortable.”

Since 2014 she is a passionate Lomi Practitioner, RESET Instructor, and Qigong & Taiji Trainer. Lomi Lomi Nui and her curiosity brought her to Hawaii for the first time 2017. 

Two years later, an OhanaMana multimedia presentation called Andrea back to Hawaii and thanks to rather unusual but happy circumstances, she landed at Kealakekua Bay. And so it began… swimming daily with dolphins, sea turtles, moray eels, colorful fish and even a shy reef shark that swam under her slowly as not to frighten her. Andrea’s final day on island was a Big surprise that ended auspiciously with a singing whale encounter… “what an honor, a climax to my wonderful time in Hawaii.”

“Mahalo Mother Ocean... I am touched by your welcoming and that you have shown me some of your miracles. And I am so thankful that you helped me to realize both my inner strengths and outer limitations.”