Her…Grandmother Ocean


As you stand on the cliff and feel the power of the incoming waves, you’re reminded of your own inner strength and aliveness. Then, as the wave crashes all around you, a breath taking impulse overcomes your body. It’s a liberating scream, a splash of life force from Her that makes your body shake and spontaneously release unnecessary limitations held inside you.

The waves invite you to play, have fun and be free as you find trust to let Her carry you. How delightful it can be to float and then ride in Her rhythms while your body becomes more charged with each new wave. Become child like again, filled with laughter, and let innocence and grace wash through and heal your body. With Her, nothing else is important… you’re in the moment.

Her waves have prepared you and now it’s time to go deeper and find yourself in blue stillness. Her power and playfulness have rejuvenated your body with love and vitality while getting you ready to dive deep into your soul. Take the chance to find your deeper purpose and embrace the sacred moments of simply being that awaits you. “Get lost and find yourself in nature”