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In the Spirit of Nature

“Dare to do new things and push boundaries”


The seminar starts at a very cozy private house in a Zen-like botanical garden setting. It features indoor/outdoor living spaces within walking distance to Kealakekua Bay and is built in the style and tradition of an elegant Hawaiian Ohana. Wake up to the singing of tropical song birds, the fragrances of colorful Hawaiian flowers, the lingering essences of vanilla and exotic fruit trees and awesome ocean views.

During the seminar we will push our boundaries a little and try new things… perhaps a night swim or even body surfing. Or maybe we hike to a very sacred permafrost lake which can only be found on the Big Island.

The seminar ends with an all-out nature experience. The last 4 days we will sleep under the stars in tents or hammocks, cook with fire and completely immerse ourselves in the simplicity of the inner and outer nature at a secluded campsite on a beautiful black sand beach.

In our small group of up to 8 participants we will explore the vastness of the Pacific Ocean with state of the art sea kayaks. And if luck is on our side; while swimming, snorkeling and diving from the kayaks, we may be blessed with an “up close and personal” encounter with a turtle, manta ray, dolphin, or even a whale.

While camping, as the ancient Hawaiian traditions taught us, we listen to our inner prayers in the divine presence of the Mauna Kea, which stands behind us. From our campsite we will be able to watch the magnificent Humpback whales “do their thing” and enjoy the simplicity of just being present while taking care of our individual and collective wellbeing-ness. In our group circles, we’ll learn and grow together while opening ourselves to mighty nature forces and intimate healing spaces. Thus, we find ourselves “In the Spirit of Nature.”

“Without the beauty of nature our soul would wither”

Seminar Dates & Cost:
March 2 - 7, 2022 & 1800€
 Includes Seminar House, Food and Transportation (Excludes airfare)

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