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Swim Guide
Marlien has been the onsite logistics facilitator and lead assistant for OhanaMana nature seminars for the past 4 years. She was born and raised in the Netherlands and has a degree in Social Pedagogic Work. She is well organized, personable and very competent as a swim guide when it comes to approaching and interacting with wild dolphins. Many seminar participants often refer to her as their ”mermaid teacher.”

Marlien’s personal healing journey brought her in contact with dolphins, after struggling with serious illness for many years while living in the Netherlands… this first contact with Bottlenose dolphins truly changed her life! Slowly she started to heal herself and her path brought her all the way to the Big Island of Hawaii, where she now lives.

Marlien’s passion is to share her knowledge and love for the ocean with others. In addition to assisting groups and individuals in swimming with the wild Spinner dolphins, she also travels the world to participate in Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs for special needs children and global dolphin research programs.

She loves free diving, making art and sharing the aloha spirit with others.