whale energy 


Spirit of Nature Seminar
I am full of whale energy and deeply touched by his presence, his song and the way he presents himself to us as we are paddling in the deep blue Pacific Ocean with our kayaks.
The waves and the wind are getting stronger; I feel the ocean is challenging me. Gazing at the Mauna Kea, his beauty and gracefulness, carrying the whales in my heart that have appeared today, I'm paddling towards the beach with a strong focus. Suddenly, the powerful waves make me think of a story in which a turtle only paddles in case the waves carry her. Then she takes a break during each return flow of the waves. She saves her energy and gets steadily ahead. And yes, it's the same for me and my kayak. 
Enthusiastically, I arrive at the beach and the view of the tents, our cooking place, the hammocks and the lovely trees fulfills me with great joy. Is there anything better than being outside in the nature on Big Island during nights and days? I'm in deep contact with the powers of nature, all the animals, plants, smells… and with myself!


I have deep gratitude to Elisabeth and Jeffory, for holding the space and guiding us through all the extra-special moments. Mahalo!

Kathi, Austria
January 2017

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