Healing Arts

“OM and the Art to Heal”


One of our oldest and most cherished legacies is the knowing that nature is a space where we can heal. And over the last decades we did a good job in separating ourselves from this wisdom. Now it seems we need written scientific proof that spending time in the forest has deep healing effects on us and then and only then we make the decision to bring our children and ourselves into the woods. 

The truth is that our body and its intelligence is nature and the real truth is that nature is divine intelligence. If we deeply connect with the essence of nature and its rhythms we reconnect with our own deep nature. By “walking a life question in nature” and being open for what we see and feel in a state of deep listening we will find new answers, hope, strength, clarity, healing, awakening, trust and the courage to take the next healthy step on our path in daily life. 

Jeffory and/or Elisabeth are in service to provide support in finding the “walking question” and helping you decide which nature element and healing art is resonating with your question.
This integrated and comprehensive healing process is called OM and the Art to Heal.
Sometimes the clarity of the mountain can give us new perspectives and sometimes the deep ocean is connecting us to inner trust or challenging us to face our fears. At times it’s the playfulness of dolphins that connects us to innocence and joy especially when their precious bonding abilities create deep healing moments for the traumatic relational issues that we carry in our bodies. 

There are times that listening to singing whales provides the opening to new doors in our consciousness and at other times it’s the freshness of a bubbling waterfall that supports us in purifying and discharging stuck emotions. 

There’s even a time when conditioning our hair with ripe avocados, rubbing the juice of fresh aloe vera leaves all over our skin and then washing our bodies in the warm salty ocean helps us to embody nature and feel alive again.


In any case the reality is…“that if you are lost in life you can find yourself in nature.” And we are pleased to support your individual healing process with all the possibilities that nature has to offer in Hawaii.

Jeffory is a certified holistic health practitioner and incorporates many complimentary traditions in the healing arts. His training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Body Alignment Technique, kinesiology, massage and Energy Medicine are combined to fit your own personalized healing modality. Jeffory is known for his light heartedness and his deeply captivating story telling ability. He thinks outside the box, is highly intuitive and makes life an inspiring adventure. 

Elisabeth is a clinical psychologist, a body and psychotherapist, and a trauma and nature therapist. She is a great listener, sensitive, and soft hearted yet strong and engaging at the same time. She is able to hold the space for deep healing processes when working with the  walking questions. Elisabeth incorporates many mind body techniques to help you discover, face, go through, and understand the issues; then support you in finding your inner peace. 

OM and the Art to Heal programs are available for individuals, families or small groups in uplifting nature settings and when appropriate in places sacred to the Hawaiians that are known to promote self healing or in a protected tropical home environment overlooking the Pacific Ocean.