Private Tours

"Pono Nature Tours where anything is possible" 


We come together in Hawaii as an extended family (Ohana) to be supported, guided, nurtured and looked after while exploring the powerful nature force (Mana) in Hawaii. Kayak then listen to singing Humpback whales, swim then snorkel with playful Spinner dolphins, hike then enjoy the sacred mountains, enchanted valleys and flowing lava. We plan, organize and facilitate your daily excursions in a mindful, conscious, respectful and Pono way so that your interactions with nature in Hawaii are fully realized. 

We recognize the value and responsibility of our stewardship of the land and the oceans so that our adventures on the islands honor the sacred Hawaiian traditions.

Sea kayak with Humpback whales along the Northwest coastline of Big Island in the Humpback Whale Sanctuary. Day programs include state of the art Hobie kayaks for effortless maneuvering, transportation to and from launch points, whale watching and listening, tutorial about whale ecology and swim guiding.

Swim with wild Spinner dolphins from the holy bays along the Southwest shorelines of Hawaii. Day programs for Dolphin Assisted Swimming (DAS) include tutorial about dolphin ecology, instruction in approaching and interacting with the dolphins and swim guiding along with strategies for safe ocean entry and exiting.

Hike around the highest mountain on earth then to a sacred lake near the peak of the majestic Mauna Kea Mountain. Day programs include transportation to and from the trail heads in a classic 4 wheel drive truck, telescope observation at the visitor center, historical overview and hiking guidance.  


Additionally, one day hiking tours are available to Pololu Valley on the northern most and oldest part of the island and to Waipio Valley also known as the Valley of the Kings on the Northeast side of the
Big Island.

View lava flowing from the active Kilauea volcano on the eastern side of the Big Island. Sunrise or sunset viewing options are available depending on the current status of lava flow activity and air quality conditions. Day programs include safety instructions when observing lava flows, transportation to and from viewing sites, hiking guidance and entrance to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 

Any combination of offerings is possible depending on your budget, time frame and heart wishes. Each offering is available for individuals, couples or small families for one or multiple day programs and conveniently organized so as to deepen the island nature experience and enhance your time in Hawaii.
Pono Nature Tours can also include lodging/camping, transportation, food and other island wide adventures both on land and sea depending on your travel logistics. Cost is 250€/day and customized multiple day programs are available at reduced price…

Anything is possible!