My Singing Whale 

Andrea Karall


“March 26, 2019, was the greatest day of my life… it really was! Sometimes I think; was this real or was this just an incredible, amazing, heart opening dream. Even now, many months later, it still seems so unbelievable to me.”

“I could see him, hear him and feel his sound vibrations in every cell of my body. His song touched me like I’ve never been touched before by anything here on earth… so dearly and so profoundly.”                                                                   
“Very often, when I close my eyes, I can feel an immense and beautiful stream of emo-tions as I remember his song. It will be in my heart for ever, and ever… forever.”

“Mahalo a nui loa wonderful whale for singing your song for me. Our time together is the Biggest and most precious gift that I have ever received.”

Thank you Jeffory for your day of guidance and navigation on the kayak and for whis-pering to this wondrous Humpback whale!

Nature seminars and private kajaktours in Hawaii

Andrea, Austria
March 2019

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