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21. Oktober 2022 - Keine Kommentare!

Timid Shadow


Sometimes my shadow is timid, shy, confused and unsure. He feels insecure and often times full of self doubt. He even questions why he shows up at Kiholo Beach before sunrise and before all the other shadows wake up and present themselves.

And when, my shadow in all his beauty, is afraid to talk or take action… these feelings are intensified and especially hard to face. At times it can be nearly impossible to mustard up the courage to face, understand and shoulder these feelings as it relates to the trials and tribulations of current life circumstances here on earth.

But even at times like this, in the dark before the sun rises, amidst the sounds of the waves rolling the smooth rocks over and over again… my shadow can say to himself “Oh well, there is always the next life time to look forward to.”

And at the same time, he can say, to himself… “Shadow, please just please remember your deep inner truth, love and tenderness for your many selves this lifetime.”

I pray for both to happen…
Mahalo Sunrise and Mahalo my dear shadow for hanging in there with me!