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He Mauna Loa au

He Mauna Loa au (I am Mauna Loa)

By Jeffory

Lava Hawai

I have chosen to flow after 38 years of silence
Now it’s finally the moment to offer Devine guidance.
To create, display soul and express the magnificence
Gives the world another chance to see global ambivalence.

Often times there’s tremors, the inner ringing won’t stop
Only preparing for an eruption and the awesome fiery pop.
Years of quiet and patience, nearly impossible to move
It’s time to breakout and surface, the earth needs to improve.

It takes so much tolerance, keeping everything inside
While finding peace without fear and the grace not to hide.
Then it’s times like this that I really want to flow
Is it too much to ask just to be what I know.

A huge mountain so majestic, yet mostly stays a-sleeping
And then all at once it begins and starts unleashing.
The potential to glow and run a sacred course
Awakens the potential to release earth’s remorse.

Yes, part of the process when the vog hides the moon
Another form of self expression that always passes soon.
Inside there’s longing, more than ready to give a shout
It’s time to shake and quake, and let it all come out.

A long time coming when looking from the outside
The great release and out pour, what a magnificent ride.
From the inside, perhaps a moment in geologic time
The flow is always love for Hawaii’s matriarchal line.

Please come see me reshape and witness rebirth
It’s what I love to do, my contribution to earth.
So how does it feel, doing exactly what you love
For me it’s the flowing lava, and inspiration from above.

What a glorious journey, the bursting of flames and fire
A mountains’ ever changing beauty, something to admire.
Some have called me Pele, but any old name will do
Just follow your sacred heart and whatever inspires you.

From dormant to active, can at first seem strange
An example too earthlings, that it’s also time to change.
Pele has a message and if you want to be like her
Expanding and changing can be earth’s greatest cure.

Such a struggle to be seen, full of rumblings and more
No longer just a mountain but something of earths’ core.
From so deeply within, have reached my internal quota
Again it’s time to remind the world that I am Mauna Loa. 

The eruption began in Mokuʻāweoweo, the summit caldera of Mauna Loa, around 11:30 p.m. on November 27, 2022. I went  to view the Mauna Loa lava flow on Dec 4, 2022 around 4:30 am. Several days later on Dec 8, 2022 around 12:30 am, shortly after the full moon, I awoke suddenly and started writing. The grid power was out so I began to write in the dark. It was an auspiciousness, quiet, tranquil and very peaceful night on the Big Island.

Lava Hawai

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