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Whale Wisdom by Jeffory

Whale Wisdom

The Humpback whales migrate nearly 6,000 miles from Alaska to Hawaii every year. Swimming almost continuously, this journey takes 6 to 8 weeks and is the longest known migration of any mammal on planet earth. The female Humpbacks come to Hawaii to mate, give birth and nurture their calves. The male Humpbacks come to sing…

Why they sing and what’s the purpose or intent of the songs is still one of the greatest mysteries in all of nature. We can assume however that the Humpback whales have been doing it for tens of thousands of years… each year nearly the same song as the year before with only slightly distinguishable variations. New compositions, sequences and sounds being added or taking away make each years singing unique yet similar from previous years. Amazingly, every male whale sings virtually the same song and incorporates the new sound patterns each year.

So why are Humpbacks singing these magnificently complex songs… what is the meaning and what is the message? Is it the daily news or the complete history of the world. Is it merely inter-species communication or profound messages to all of humanity. Do these masterfully composed songs heal Mother Earth or does the singing inevitably change the vibrational frequency of our planet? Can the songs be heard only in and above the oceans or can they be energetically broadcasted into space and heard throughout the universe? Perhaps the singing is an expression of heartfelt compassion or is it a transmission that somehow reveals the Akashic records.

Whale Songs

Maybe the songs are singing “we are prehistoric” both the whale and the human. Maybe the songs are singing “we forgive you” we (the animal kingdom) forgive you (humanity). Are the songs meant to help us remember our responsibility to care for and steward our planet, our home, ourselves and each other? Do the whales’ songs gently open our hearts and connect us more deeply to our divine selves? What if… the Humpback whales are simply singing to remind us, just to LOVE.

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