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Be my Whale Ride, poem by Jeffory

whale hawaiiwhale ridewhale ride

Welcome whale rider please swim with me
Be in my ocean and become the sea

Follow my tail and find the ancestors in me
It is in my song and my promise to thee

Gracious love for me can be easily found
Your love for yourself lies beneath my sound

See through the shadows and out it will come
Ancestral love that is second to none

My breath, my bubble, my breach or my swim
First feel, then forgive and start over again

When doubts or worries come to the surface
The splash of my tale will support your life purpose

Inner guidance and patience without the fear
Deepens your love as the confusion is cleared

Be brave, be bold and let go of the lie
Swim close to me now and look into my eye

Show love and devotion there is nothing to hide
Just connect with your self then swim by my side

Everything is possible when you simply believe
Stay utterly vulnerable as you let yourself grieve

Trust yourself and your process then follow my tail
Just remember dear one you are also a whale

The tail right in front look beyond with your eyes
Allow the tears to come as my song also cries

Be divinely present then let go of the past
Embrace your bright future so that true love will last

Be playful, have fun and try something new
Now lets dive deeper, I love that you grew

Go deep with me and then deep inside
Watch the magic happen and be my whale ride

Inspired by Elisabeth 2017

Veröffentlicht von: Elisabeth Renner in Poem

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