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Always Blue, poem by Jeffory

Whether we frolic and float or swim and dive
The ocean calls upon us to first heal and then thrive

She is where we come from there’s little doubt in this
And as we accept our origin we will find total bliss

Some refer to her as Grandmother Kanaloa or even Gaia
Yet one thing’s for sure she’s the home of the Nai`a

Ever changing is our ocean a constant ebb and flow
Like with us and our changes we continually grow

When you are beside yourself and full of fright
Dive deep into her blue and come into your delight

Through her sounds and messages we can often hear
That it’s our soulful birthright to become crystal clear

Recharging and healing are but two of her gifts
Together with self love she profoundly uplifts

We are made of salt and water too
Just like the ocean aren’t we also blue

If sky blends into ocean and our horizon disappears
Its time to be patient find peace and preserver

When your soul is ready and the expansion is here
Jump into blue stillness the Kohola is near

The moon turns her silver and the sun shines her crimson
The ocean we so cherish frees us from life's prison

First trust she is blue even during the night
Then face your fears and your dark turns to light

Her essence and spirit is where all life comes from
Take care and preserve her or the end may soon come

From turquoise to cobalt our heart always knew
The ocean inside us is our own shade of blue

The fate of the world has been left up to her
As she nurtures and protects the magnificent Mers

If you are willing and able to go though your emotions
Then remember dear one your source is the ocean

So whole heartedly we search for that what is true
Knowing the ocean we so love is always blue

Inspired by Christina 2018

Veröffentlicht von: Elisabeth Renner in Poem

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