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The Kayak excursion with Jeffory

The Kayak excursion with Jeffory was a moment outside of time. 

I have enjoyed many ocean experiences on the island but this was unique. Jeffory was very mindful of choosing the days with optimal conditions. I will never forget the stillness in the air as we arrived at the kayak launching site. It was a little after daybreak and the water in the bay was calm as a lake. There was a feeling of sacredness as we floated out and Jeffory offered a greeting to the Whales. 

“If you have time and feel inclined to do so, we would be so happy and honored to be in your Presence this morning” With this gentle invitation, we began our morning. 

Being on a kayak makes us feel so much closer to the Whales and ultimately to Nature. We sink into a place of Deep Listening: relying on our eyes and ears as we follow their breaths-that distinctive “Whoosh” rising to the sky-but also opening up to our intuition, a subtler sense of listening rooted in the awareness that we are connected to the Whales and their consciousness. 

I had the opportunity to experience this excursion twice with my guests. On both occasions, we were blessed with the visit of a Mother and her calf. We took our time gaining their trust, engaging in a subtle dance as we asked permission to the Mother to approach them.

IIn a time when society compels us to seek and expect instant gratification and connection, the experience teaches us to slow down and tune into a different rhythm, closer to the heartbeat of the Living Earth. 

I am thankful to Jeffory for his deep and sincere love of the great Whales. With humility, he facilitates the creation of a space where true inter-species encounter can unfold. Because we are on kayaks, it is literally impossible to “force” an encounter.  

With patience, respect and an open heart, we extend an invitation for the Whales to be with us. And when the Whales do come, and they often do, we know it is their initiative, their choice. And that is infinitely precious

Video "The Journey"

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