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The Essence of Ohana, Mana and Pono


Part of Hawaiian culture, “ohana” means family (in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). The concept emphasizes that extended families are bound together and members must cooperate, support and remember one another. Ohana is the idea that the interconnection that exists between all people is precious and a cherished part of human life.
Part of Pacific Island culture, “mana” is the elemental force of nature embodied in an object, person or place. Mana also embodies the spiritual energy and healing power which can exist in nature. It is the Hawaiian belief that there is a chance to gain mana and lose mana in everything that a person does. Visiting sacred places that has strong mana or interacting with Hawaiian plants and animals in a natural way restores energy and increases mana.


In the Hawaiian thought, being “pono” is being in perfect alignment and balance with all things in life. It means one has the perfect relationship with the creative energy of the universe. It is the personal and a clear organizational value of goodness, rightness and balance… a life of full integrity. For planet earth, it means being in complete harmony and alignment with your custodial relationship with earth. For people, mana is often possessed or gained through pono actions, reflecting the balance that exists in the world and humanity's responsibility toward maintaining that balance. If you are living pono, you are in the right relationship with the land, the ocean and all of nature. The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness or “Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono" which is the motto for the state of Hawaii.

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Always Blue, poem by Jeffory

Whether we frolic and float or swim and dive
The ocean calls upon us to first heal and then thrive

She is where we come from there’s little doubt in this
And as we accept our origin we will find total bliss

Some refer to her as Grandmother Kanaloa or even Gaia
Yet one thing’s for sure she’s the home of the Nai`a

Ever changing is our ocean a constant ebb and flow
Like with us and our changes we continually grow

When you are beside yourself and full of fright
Dive deep into her blue and come into your delight

Through her sounds and messages we can often hear
That it’s our soulful birthright to become crystal clear

Recharging and healing are but two of her gifts
Together with self love she profoundly uplifts

We are made of salt and water too
Just like the ocean aren’t we also blue

If sky blends into ocean and our horizon disappears
Its time to be patient find peace and preserver

When your soul is ready and the expansion is here
Jump into blue stillness the Kohola is near

The moon turns her silver and the sun shines her crimson
The ocean we so cherish frees us from life's prison

First trust she is blue even during the night
Then face your fears and your dark turns to light

Her essence and spirit is where all life comes from
Take care and preserve her or the end may soon come

From turquoise to cobalt our heart always knew
The ocean inside us is our own shade of blue

The fate of the world has been left up to her
As she nurtures and protects the magnificent Mers

If you are willing and able to go though your emotions
Then remember dear one your source is the ocean

So whole heartedly we search for that what is true
Knowing the ocean we so love is always blue

Inspired by Christina 2018

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Chant by Kumu Keala Ching

Chant by Kumu Keala Ching

Inspiration of seeking knowledge, a deeper desire and sense of spirituality focused on all possibilities to be able to make the right choice.
Let it Live!

Ho mai ka'ike

Ho mai ka'ike
'Ike papalua e
Ho mai ka 'i'ini
'I'ini papalua e
Ho mai ka mana
Mana papalua e
Ho mai, Ho mai
Ho mai ka papalua e
E Ola

Grant us the knowledge
Double knowledge
Grant us the na'au (desire)
Double na'au
Grant us spiritually
Double spiritually (Wailua)
Grant, Grant
Grant double vision
Let it live

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Be my Whale Ride, poem by Jeffory

whale hawaiiwhale ridewhale ride

Welcome whale rider please swim with me
Be in my ocean and become the sea

Follow my tail and find the ancestors in me
It is in my song and my promise to thee

Gracious love for me can be easily found
Your love for yourself lies beneath my sound

See through the shadows and out it will come
Ancestral love that is second to none

My breath, my bubble, my breach or my swim
First feel, then forgive and start over again

When doubts or worries come to the surface
The splash of my tale will support your life purpose

Inner guidance and patience without the fear
Deepens your love as the confusion is cleared

Be brave, be bold and let go of the lie
Swim close to me now and look into my eye

Show love and devotion there is nothing to hide
Just connect with your self then swim by my side

Everything is possible when you simply believe
Stay utterly vulnerable as you let yourself grieve

Trust yourself and your process then follow my tail
Just remember dear one you are also a whale

The tail right in front look beyond with your eyes
Allow the tears to come as my song also cries

Be divinely present then let go of the past
Embrace your bright future so that true love will last

Be playful, have fun and try something new
Now lets dive deeper, I love that you grew

Go deep with me and then deep inside
Watch the magic happen and be my whale ride

Inspired by Elisabeth 2017

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Whale Wisdom by Jeffory

Whale Wisdom

The Humpback whales migrate nearly 6,000 miles from Alaska to Hawaii every year. Swimming almost continuously, this journey takes 6 to 8 weeks and is the longest known migration of any mammal on planet earth. The female Humpbacks come to Hawaii to mate, give birth and nurture their calves. The male Humpbacks come to sing…

Why they sing and what’s the purpose or intent of the songs is still one of the greatest mysteries in all of nature. We can assume however that the Humpback whales have been doing it for tens of thousands of years… each year nearly the same song as the year before with only slightly distinguishable variations. New compositions, sequences and sounds being added or taking away make each years singing unique yet similar from previous years. Amazingly, every male whale sings virtually the same song and incorporates the new sound patterns each year.

So why are Humpbacks singing these magnificently complex songs… what is the meaning and what is the message? Is it the daily news or the complete history of the world. Is it merely inter-species communication or profound messages to all of humanity. Do these masterfully composed songs heal Mother Earth or does the singing inevitably change the vibrational frequency of our planet? Can the songs be heard only in and above the oceans or can they be energetically broadcasted into space and heard throughout the universe? Perhaps the singing is an expression of heartfelt compassion or is it a transmission that somehow reveals the Akashic records.

Whale Songs

Maybe the songs are singing “we are prehistoric” both the whale and the human. Maybe the songs are singing “we forgive you” we (the animal kingdom) forgive you (humanity). Are the songs meant to help us remember our responsibility to care for and steward our planet, our home, ourselves and each other? Do the whales’ songs gently open our hearts and connect us more deeply to our divine selves? What if… the Humpback whales are simply singing to remind us, just to LOVE.